The Massive Hurricane Dora Has Made Its Exit On Mexican Territory & Makes Its Way To The Atlantic

4 August 2011

Hurricane Dora keeps getting stronger by the minute as the massive hurricane is making its exit in Mexico and is well on its way to Miami, Florida – making tropical storm watches in the area pretty unsafe at the moment.

With speeds reaching up to 140 MPH or 220 KPH in early Thursday, the massive hurricane is now bound west-northwest.

This is believed to be the fourth hurricane occurring offshore and the possibility of it weakening this Friday is pretty imminent so far.

Just a few days ago, Tropical Storm Cindy has made a glorious exit in the Atlantic and posed no threat on land activities. With more storms brewing over the different regions of South America near the Florida border – only time will tell if a bad storm would be heading to Miami anytime soon.

Quentin Battle
Miami Information