The $60 Million Private Resort – Miami Beach’s Ultra Exclusive Private Property Up For Grabs

4 August 2011

Miami was never considered to be one of the top choices for real estate ventures in the past few years due to the economic uncertainties that has swept the entire country without warning. But as of 2011, Miami has gotten its flair back and a lot of experts believe that the market is stronger than ever.

Despite being one of the most unsuccessful markets to invest on in the past few years, a lot of potential buyers all over the world are currently setting their sights on the ultra-extravagant real estate property at 3 Indian Creek, which is located on the barrier island of Miami Beach. We all know that a property worth $60 million is no joke – that is why this is considered to be one of the best luxurious properties available in the Miami real estate market so far.

Being inside a gated community which can only be accessed by fellow home owners and their guests – being on an exclusive neighborhood can really give great advantages, plus the resell value of it after a few years or even decades can really bring a lot of money to the lucky purchaser. Paying $60 million dollars on a property like this might be too much for some, but for people who expect nothing but total luxury and maximum security – then $60 million dollars is worth it.

With 24/7 surveillance that is done by jet-skis, boats and patrol jeeps, you can really say that you will get what you pay for on a super-luxurious property in 3 Indian Creek. If you really think about it, you are paying not for the huge property, but for the security and neighborhood quality as well. Being one of the best neighborhoods in the entire city, expect nothing but the best amenities, facilities, and many more. Oh, and do not leave out the 18-hole golf course to keep you occupied in a very fun way.

The multi-million dollar property is made of nothing but the finest materials you can find on the face of the earth. The house itself is made of high quality wood, glass and limestone, and carries a very nice pavilion that can be accessed via the main pavilion. Inside the property you can also find the master’s suite, while the other pavilions are specifically made to serve its purpose like the gym pavilion, media pavilion and spa pavilion. You can never find a better property that is worth this much money in Miami – ever.

Only time will tell as to when this very luxurious property will be purchased because just being in the actual property is a big treat – so expect nothing but the best on a place like this. If you have the buying power to purchase such a lucrative property, then by all means – go ahead and take it before someone gets ahead of you. If you have the money to spare, do not think twice and upgrade your life today!

Quentin Battle
Miami Beach Real Estate