More Signs Of Life Happening On The Sunshine State Thanks To June 2011’s Mini-Sales Boom

4 August 2011

On June, 2011 – a lot of real estate developers in Florida has benefited in the mini-sales boom that they experienced with over 7,922 units being sold in the entire Sunshine State compared to last year’s 7,330.

As more signs of life showing in the real estate market of Florida, it seems that their economy is slowly bouncing back from its losses in the past few years. Furthermore, as mortgage interest rates remain at an all-time low then the affordability specifics are strong for the Florida market.

It has been reported that nine of Florida’s major metropolitans were the ones mostly being purchased in the earlier months of 2011 up to today – with Miami being the most preferred location having a gain of about 1,316 condos being sold as of this year. Despite different pricing differences the Miami real estate market has been bursting with activity and if this continues on, you can expect a lot of growth in the nearby areas of Florida as well.

Judging from statistics alone – the total number of home purchases made in 2010 was just met less than one month of real estate promotions and activities (18,402 of 2010, and 17,597 as of June, 2011).

Even if it is going to take more time and effort before the whole Florida State bounces back from its losses – it is quite evident that there is a big possibility that the real estate market of Florida will regain its former glory – it is always just a matter of time.

Quentin Battle
Real Estate in Miami