Miami Set The Largest Attendance For Soccer Attendance With Chivas Defeating Barcelona 4-1

4 August 2011

Miami had a different taste of football action earlier this week, Wednesday to be exact, when Chivas of Mexico brutalized Barcelona 4-1, and making a new State record for soccer attendance. Having approximately 70,080 in attendance as the clash happened reignited the feel of soccer action.

It is amazing to think that this sport has officially made its mark in U.S territory and getting as much as 70 thousand people to watch it is a huge breakthrough. You would normally see this much attendance in the super bowl, but not from an exhibition game.

Every minute was intense during the soccer game that was held in Sun Life Stadium. Just within four minutes into the match, a score was made when David Villa of Barcelona literally passed on Chivas’ offside trap, and made his move past the goalkeeper, Luis Michel, and delivered the first blow giving Barcelona a 1-0 lead. That was pretty much the story on the first half.

With Barcelona enjoying the 1-0 lead, Chivas made 2 unique plays that caught Barcelona off-guard in a span of three minutes – giving Chivas the lead 2-1 halfway through the second half. Thanks to a brilliantly executed scissor kick, Chivas was able to regain the lead instead of settling at a tie – and that was pretty much the story of the night.

Barcelona did not have their star player, Lionel Messi into the fray – imagine how much more intense if he was included in the picture. With all these said, what more could we expect from these football aficionados in the next coming months – only time will tell as to what more soccer teams will Miami witness in the coming days.

Quentin Battle
Daily News Miami