Miami – Commemorating Its 115th Year Anniversary Of Great City Living

4 August 2011

On July 28, 1896 – The city of Miami was born and today, it is known to be one of the best cities in the planet – offering exclusive real estate properties, wonderful water sports activities and scenic views wherever you go. Miami is considered to be one of the most successful cities in the country and it has not looked back ever since.

Marking its 115th year anniversary, Miami has celebrated this wonderful achievement as a major city in the United States. Miami today is now known to be the Hispanic capital of the United States, having more than 80 percent of its total city population, and the fact that the Latin American headquarters can be found in the area – it is no wonder Miami is considered to be the best bridge to the Latin American culture.

Marking its 115th anniversary in the city, things have been very good this year in terms of the real estate market after countless real estate purchases – getting as much as $236 million dollars which was 10 times better than what the real estate market has experienced compared to real estate sales of 2010.

One of the secret for success in the real estate market of Miami is the fact that more and more foreign investors all over the world are getting great deals for condo, home, and commercial properties – from Malaysian investors, to Taiwanese investors. Because of this incredible marketing strategy, the real estate market in the city has finally bounced back from its accumulated losses in the past several years.

For most of the big corporations found in the Miami area, a lot of these companies assure the interested families, regardless of race and ethnicity, wanting to have a safe and crime-free environment can finally be found in a major city like Miami. Today, Miami is known to be one of the most child-friendly cities in the whole country and is currently the most kidnap-free city.

A lot of real estate experts agree that Miami holds a very bright and promising future ahead of it and marking its 115th anniversary is a clear sign that the best is yet to come for this steadily rising Hispanic community in South Florida.

Quentin Battle
Miami Florida Real Estate