Although Credit Is Good – Cash Is More Preferred And A Priority In The Miami Real Estate Market

4 August 2011

More and more properties in the Miami-Dade County are being purchased – putting the Dade County on top of the real estate sales in the whole Miami area. Due to this success, more foreign buyers and investors have been taking a great interest in the home and condo properties Miami has to offer.

Now that more and more properties are being sold to the once deserted neighborhoods of the Dade County, you can only assume what would be the next wave of developments that will take place in the near future. 54 percent is not a small margin if you are going to compare the home and condo property sales last year (2010) to what we have today.

It is believed that his is the highest selling year since 2007 with over 923 existing single-family home types as of 2011 compared to last year’s estimated growth of 1,500 units. Thanks to a lot of foreign investors who pays in cash – you can only assume that the best is yet to come on a great city like Miami.

Here are some of the places in Miami that have gained a significant amount of revenue on such as short period of time:

Broward – sales as of this year as reached a percentage of 38 percent compared to last years, 15 percent. As of 2011, there are 1,511 condo sales which were a bit higher than last year’s home property sales. Broward County is just getting the attention it really deserves in just a few days, months, or years of serving the consumers of Miami –and from the looks of things, things are going to get better.

Miami-Dade – this is by far the highest selling place in all of Miami as of 2011. With more condo and home properties being purchased by foreigners, you can say that the real estate market in Miami-Dade will soon get back to its former glory.

Quentin Battle
Miami Real Estate