A Troppical Storm Brewing Over The Horizon Has Devasted Haiti And Could Head To South Florida

4 August 2011

Tropical Storm EmilyHaiti is now on a state of calamity as Tropical Storm Emily is on a destruction path giving out life-threatening rains. United Nations peacekeepers summing up to about 12,000 are currently waiting for things to calm down before they can issue help on the devastated country. It is highly feared that Miami could be Tropical Storm Emily’s next target.

Meanwhile, in the United Nations headquarters, several first aid equipment, food, vaccination and cholera kits, tarpaulins, tents and anything helpful is being ready to be shipped to Haiti, while 360 evacuation sites are currently needing supplies. It is estimated that the United Nations’ supply would suffice for 50,000 people for at least two days. If supplies shorten on the other hand, the United Nations can always send more that could be flown in from Panama.

It has not been long since Haiti suffered a massive earthquake, leaving thousands homeless – and today, the killer tropical storm is taking its time ruining what is left of the once habitable country. Members of the United Nations Stabilization Mission are currently deployed to areas where a high chance of flooding could take place due to the storm.

While the government of Haiti issued warnings about potential floods and mudslides, the people of Haiti are on an extreme caution to unwanted casualties that could arise in the ferocious storm.

According to recent reports, the tropical storm is expected to last within the next 36 hours hitting areas nearby Haiti like the Turks and Caicos and Bahamas on Thursday – and if the storm gets faster than 39 mph, it could hit South Florida by early Saturday. However, as of Thursday, there are no warnings initiated as of yet.

Quentin Battle
Daily Miami News