Miami Starting To Grab More Attention – Predicted To Be The New Hollywood Extension On The East Side

2 August 2011

Daily News MiamiA lot of experts say that Miami will be like Hollywood is someday, or even bigger than Hollywood. Despite the fact the Florida has its own Hollywood; Miami is starting to turn more heads in the movie and TV series department because of its wonderful people, amazing scenic beaches, and spectacular sights.

Since the Rock of Ages movie set has been recently placed on the streets of Miami, nearly taking two blocks in the vicinity of Adrienne Arsht Center, more Hollywood producers are setting their sights in the untapped potential of Miami.

From real estate markets to potential Hollywood venues, Miami is starting to get the attention it truly deserves. A lot of people believe that this is just the beginning for a great city like Miami – if more projects come into this city, expect more jobs, more exposure, and more potential investors flocking the city from every corner.

Because of the recent Hollywood screenings and tapings, Miami has started to draw more people into its existence and with this effort; the real estate market is also getting a huge benefit out of this. It is projected that there will be more producers that will take a huge interest in a place like Miami for their movies and once this has happened – expect redevelopment agencies helping these people out for all their high quality movie needs.

For now the Rock of Ages movie would be the key that would put Miami in the Hollywood market and once that has happened – expect more movie projects to come along the city and this will surely generate more career opportunities in Miami.

Quentin Battle
Daily News Miami