Finally Making A Name – 360mate Facebook Video Chat Software Now Turning Heads In The Online World

25 January 2011

Ever since Facebook has been the world’s best social networking website as of today, countless developers coming from all over the globe try their best to make the best possible add-on for Facebook users to finally be able to video chat online under one webpage, and up till now, it has been a free-for-all conquest to be the best video chat application for this magnificent website, until 360mate has finally blown its counterparts away with amazing features no one bothered to take advantage of.

What is 360mate? Well, for starters, 360mate is the newest and grooviest online video chat application that is going around the internet for some time now. Ever since its beta stages, lots of users from all parts of the globe marvel at the wondrous convenience the 360mate software has to offer. Everything you need in an online communications software, 360mate can offer in as easy as a click of a mouse button. Because of its relatively easy installation process, it has become a major hit for people who are not that technical in how the computer works.

What sets 360mate apart from its known competitors is its unique chat features like random chat, which allows you to chat with different users who are either waiting for their group mates, or for users who just want to have a great time. Group chat, which allows you to view and broadcast up to 6 fellow user’s video feeds simultaneously! And private chat that allows other users to take it to a more personal level. These have all been made possible under one webpage- 360mate’s Facebook Video Chat Application! Aside from these features that promise to improve your online chatting experience, 360mate is more user-friendly than ever!

“All you need is a Facebook account, nothing else.” -360mate Facebook Video Chat

360mate doesn’t ask users to register anymore. Once you have a Facebook account, that is all you need or it has enough credentials for the application to run. Unlike other Facebook video chat applications out there, this remarkable application doesn’t require any other personal information from you other than your user account in Facebook, and that is it! No more countless times inputting the same information over and over just to use their software simply for your preferred video chat preferences.

360mate’s developers know that if they plan to make it big soon, they have to focus on non-Facebook users out there as well, that is why as soon as possible, it is rumored that they would launch an independent video chat software – free of charge!

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