Miami Hopes To Attract Latin American Entrepreneurs After The Recent Tech Boom

29 October 2012

The prime areas which are currently leading in the technology sector of the United States include Silicon Valley, Seattle, San Francisco, Boston, and New York. But these days it seems that even Miami could very well be suitable to be among these prime areas, especially now that the city has the opportunity given its stable financial system, great climate conditions, and the vast talent which lies in its Latin American community.

Many will agree that Miami is nowhere near the success of the leading prime areas for technology today, but there is an existing natural advantage in the fact that Latin Americans within the city have the potential to achieve superiority within the sector that has recently experienced a tech boom which has spread across the nation.

According to Susana Amat, the co-founding director of the University of Miami’s Launch Pad community of entrepreneurs, the city of Miami could very well be the tech hub of the hemisphere within the next five years.

In fact, the startup trend being seen within the city has taken effect as Open English, an online language learning platform based within the city, managed to land a $43 million investment opportunity in July 2012. Furthermore, Launch Pad has made announcements regarding the region’s first technology accelerator program which is scheduled to launch in 2013 to provide grants of $25,000 to selected entrepreneurs.

There have also been numerous events held within the region such as the LAB Miami which is a shared workspace which has specifically been designed to cater to creative startups. Expansion plans are currently underway for the winter season to develop the site from being 720 square feet to 10,000 square feet in the hopes of increasing on its member base from 24 to 150 by 2013.

People have every reason to believe that Miami can succeed in the technology sector, especially when you take the city’s business environment into consideration. Being culturally diverse, Latin Americans who see the potential within the region will be eager since the region welcomes immigrant entrepreneurs that have something to add to the community.

Needless to say, there are numerous obstacles that will have to be overcome such as educational improvements to promote the development of the entrepreneurial scene within Miami. Ideally, the city’s public, private, and even academic sectors will be able to work towards setting up the perfect environment for investors which would essentially serve as an open invitation to Latin American entrepreneurs who will be looking forward to startup their own businesses within the world-class city.