Reconstructed face cannibal victim of Miami

4 June 2012

Miami. – The homeless man whose face was bitten by another man under the influence of a powerful drug, in a case of cannibalism that shocked public opinion, could recover the face, doctors reported today that care.

Last week, a naked black man on the homeless is avanlanzó Poppo Ronald, 65, and began to bite and devour his face. The police were forced to take the life of the perpetrator of several shots.

The Director of Reconstructive Surgery at the University of Miami, Seth Thaller, said the possibility of surgery, but said he will first have to stabilize you vital aspects such as breathing and blood circulation to control infections.

The private specialist cosmetic surgery, Leonard Tachmes warned that in many cases there is always the possibility of skin grafts and bone that can be taken from other parts of the body, but it all depends on the evolution wounds.

It is estimated that such an operation could cost up to $ 350 000. To help the indigent, the Jackson Memorial Hospital Foundation where he is interned, opened an endowment fund for your assistance.