The Opening Of The St. Regis Hotel In Bal Harbour Creates A Big Impact For The Upscale Village

20 January 2012

While the upscale village of Bal Harbour has best been recognized for its luxury shopping mall, years have gone into its hopes of being known for more than just that and that has been something which has been made less easy to achieve because of the fact that there are no world-famous first-class hotels in the area.

But all that has changed as the St. Regis Hotels & Resorts has come into the Bal Harbour scene that also happens to be a part of an international expansion including Asian, African, European, Middle Eastern, and Latin American nations.

The people behind the development had said that the research they conducted had made it clear that the village of Bal Harbour was indeed a very special local suburb which was attractive to an illustrious worldwide audience. Naturally, Bal Harbour was one of the most outstanding beachfront location options that they had on their list.

After roughly six years of planning, demolition, and construction, the St. Regis Hotels & Resorts development had reached full completion and the 243-room hotel with two residential towers had finally opened on Thursday.

The $1 billion development had been financed by the global company Starwood who also owns the final product which is situated where the Sheraton once used to be prior to the economic downturn which had slowed progress down for the company until they had decided to take it down and put up a brand new world-class hotel in its place.

Today, 9307 Collins Avenue is garnished with rare marble, coral themed designs, old mirrors, rosebud ceilings, and contemporary art to compliment the breath-taking views that are found from within the enormous rooms which are going at introductory rates of $675 per night. Guests who are interested in being able to experience what the Presidential Suite has to offer can expect rates anywhere from $5,000 to $30,000 per night, depending on the time of year.

It is safe to say that the St. Regis is well among the ranks of the top luxury properties within the region alongside the Setai, Delano, and the W South Beach.

The village will also showcase the first restaurant called J & G from star chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten who will also be offering signature butler service throughout the hotel. Also, an estimated two dozen butlers are expected to be available on a staff of 500 to provide services that range from making guests feel welcome, helping with luggage packing or unpacking, delivering coffee, and so on.

Considering that Bal Harbour is home to only three other independent hotels, having a big name such as the St. Regis sure to play a massive influence on the growth of the village’s reputation for being a great destination within the region and many are excited because of how big the impact is going to be.

Bal Harbour’s executive director of tourism, Carolyn Travis, had stated that a budget of almost $2 million had gone into turning the village into a sophisticated location; however, much of that had been intently focused on the village’s flair for fashion, culture, and food.

Previously, the village had relied on resort tax revenues for the promotion of tourism ever since 1968, but since Travis’ arrival, new forms of initiatives have taken place which includes numerous village-sponsored events and activities.

Even the Bal Harbour Shops have taken on their own changes as a number of signature brands have moved out and newer ones such as Balenciaga, CH Carolina Herrera and Stella McCartney have joined the line of options in the village. There are also plans to expand in order to make room for 50 more tenants in the near future.

The nearby Surfside which is located between Bal Harbour and Miami Beach have made efforts to attract tourists that seek more than the typical South Beach experience as its own events, activities, and options are being set into place.

People who are interested in the opportunity to do more than just visit Bal Harbour will find that the St. Regis also offers 255 condo units which are found in the two residential towers which have options of two to five bedroom suites which have a price range of $1.9 million to over $10 million.

A little over 70 percent of the condos at the St. Regis are currently under contact and more than 40 units have already been sold to people that have mainly come from Latin America and Europe.

It definitely is the perfect time to invest in real estate within Miami Beach and the St. Regis executives are delighted to be opening at this point in time because of the fact that Miami is now booming as a city.