Recent Miami Real Estate Plans May Boost The Area Into The Ranks Of The Leading Cities In The World

21 December 2011

It looks like Miami is well on its way to be among the leading cities in the world as it has recently announced that there are going to be even more massive developments set to take place on the Miami real estate market which include plans from the Hong Kong based company, Swire Properties.

According to the company, great development plans for a $700 million retail, office, hotel and condo tower called the Brickell CitiCentre is set to rise upon nine acres of land situated along Brickell Avenue in the heart of Downtown Miami to allow for 4.6 million square feet of prime property in the area.

Aside from the Brickell CitiCentre, the Genting Group’s development plans to create the largest casino-resort in the history of mankind is yet another colossal project that is definitely going to break grounds, and the fact that this particular project has been going through so much scrutiny has not even dampened the spirits of the company who is looking to push through with their plans regardless of the outcome of their legislative issues regarding the subject of gambling within Miami.

With two major companies turning to Miami as the venue for their incredible projects, the Miami real estate market definitely has a whole new frontier to look forward to, especially since there seems to be no financial restrictions to what today’s interested investors are willing to put on the table as far as being able to push through with their plans.

Today, it is clear to see that the international developers and investors have played an integral part in the progress that is being made on the Miami real estate market and it would also be probable to find even more of these types of projects setting stage along with the others who are generating a great deal of financial strength for the region.

Seeing all of these development projects and plans in the works, there is no doubting the fact that Miami is among the leading cities in the world today. It is almost as if it were not enough that it holds its rank among the most beautiful beach destinations on the planet; adding “elite city” to its portfolio is certainly something that brings joy to many.

It will be no surprise to find people keeping a closer eye on the Miami real estate market, especially now that there have been developments that have never been seen before which are about to turn Miami into something that is truly larger than life.

Joan Vonnegut
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