Mendoza invest in Miami by the weak dollar

2 October 2011

The crisis in the United States since 2008, brought down the price of the property. Different agents are dedicated to perform these operations indicated that the best-selling two-room apartments are located off the beach. Pay between 100 000 and $ 250 000.

Since the crisis began in America in 2008, the uncertainty of what would happen next toured the world in no time. The truth is that any sudden change in an economy that generates fluctuations mean advantages and disadvantages for many others.Thus, the loss of competitiveness of the dollar led to an interesting opportunity to invest in real estate in the U.S. market, more so in Miami, where prices are clearly attractive to investors. Buyers from around the world daily to consult the large estate. Such is the case of some employers and individuals who do not want Mendoza to miss the opportunity. As indicated from various companies involved in selling these properties, investors looking Mendoza bedroom apartment located near the beach or the mall in Miami. There other options away from the beach and shopping area, but are not as sought after by buyers from Mendoza. 

Andrés Ostropolsky, representative of Sotheby’s International Realty, a company that auctions of goods and property, said that “at the beginning of September Sotheby’s was at the Miami Week in Buenos Aires.We received over 200 inquiries from interested parties and made ​​over 70 private interviews. The Federal Capital physically performed, queries were dealt with customers by telephone from Mendoza. In addition to responding to your inquiries, we offer advice on how to perform this type of investment, taking into account the current legislation in each of the countries involved, “he said. Given the good results, Ostropolsky not exclude the possibility of making two days of meetings in the city of Mendoza in the next edition of the Miami Week. Sotheby’s driving properties and high upper middle segment. Within that range, there are investment options in different price ranges. “The Argentine public is interested in the properties that cost between 100 000 and $ 250 000. Could say that, at the country level, 70% of stakeholders consulted for properties in this price segment, “said the representative of Sotheby’s. Another company dedicated to the marketing of real estate in Miami is Mckafka Development Group.

Fernando Levy Hara, CEO, said: “We get customers permanently Argentina. Until recently I worked at G & D Developers and many times we Mendoza customers. ” further reinforced this concept Hernán Fernández Albor, Deputy Consul General Consulate of Argentina in Miami. “It’s remarkable the number of Argentines who bought in Miami in recent years. Large companies such as Fortune International Realty move from big cities and other areas of Mendoza Argentina. ” On the other hand, there is interest by the inverse of the Americans. The Miami market to better understand what is happening in the real estate market in Miami, you must go to players who are in it. “The property prices in the U.S. are at historic low,” said Fernando Levy Hara.“The values ​​of properties in Miami fell approximately 40-50% in 2006-2007, according to the area. The floor was in June 2009, and from the second half of 2010 have begun to recover slowly, “he continued. He also assured that “real estate, is the first sector of the market has stabilized. She is recovering in the area of condominiums (apartment buildings) in good areas, like Miami, Miami Beach and Fort Lauderdale. ” Complementing this information, Hara revealed figures that show how in the past 18 months have gone well located condominiums Price between 8 and 12%. “In 2008 there were 30 000 unsold apartments in Downtown Miami, today there are only 3,000. This is due to high demand from foreign buyers, not just Latin America but also in Europe, “he said.Different is the view of Fernando Trollano degree in Economics, who nonetheless agrees that “it is likely that in the short term demand pull to produce some fluctuations in prices to the rise in Miami. If in the main Latin American economies the price per square foot of properties continues to grow strong and the dollar remains weak, more Latinos will turn to these assets. ”