Protesters march to do topless in the U.S.

22 August 2011
Miami Beach

Miami Beach

A group of people demonstrated Monday in Miami Beach to demand gender equality when it comes to show off their bodies and that both men and women can have the right to do topless in the United States.

Raquel Vergara, a spokesman of the movement ‘Go Top-Less’ in Miami, said “the claim is made ​​each August 26 because that day in 1920 ratified the nineteenth amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which allowed the right to vote women ” 

Monday there have been similar demonstrations in at least 13 U.S. cities.

While driving in Miami Beach, two dozen men and women walked the busy Lincoln Road under the watchful gaze of tourists, some of whom, seeing women with their breasts almost exposed, blindfolded their children so that they could not see them.

Vergara said he had never had any problem doing topless in the U.S., but recalled that “last year some people called the police to warn that a crime was occurring” during the march.

“When officers arrived, they saw that there were no deaths. We were just protesting our breasts covered,” he said.

The spokesperson was very confident that the U.S. government passes a law that allows women to fully display their breasts.

“The hope is always there. So we will be fighting for that to be possible very soon,” said Vergara.

Men who participated in the march were a mainstay in solidarity with women who can not show their breasts in public places.

Instead, they covered their breasts with ornaments not to inflict the law.Vergara said that “U.S. law allows the breasts but display partially forbidden to teach breasts.”

As reported by the organization, some cities in Oregon, California, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Wisconsin, Ohio, North Carolina, New York, New Hampshire, Hawaii and Maine allow women to do topless and even breastfeed in public places.

Also in some areas like the South Beach (Miami) or during the celebration of Mardi Gras in New Orleans law allows women to show off their breasts in public.

Jesus Rojas, one of the participants indicated that “if man can go with their breasts exposed, she must also have the same right.”

Rojas did not hesitate to wear a bra during the march, he joked that “Some men also wear a bra would be required.”

Although the call did not have the impact expected, Jesus Rojas explained that ” in less conservative, like California, many more people congregate . But here the population is much more self-conscious that there (in reference to California). “

“There is nothing wrong with the human body.’s All in the head. Who does not like breasts?” He said Rojas.

Adriana Podgornik, a student from Argentina 20 years, joined the case to see the protest in Miami Beach and said that everyone should “have the same rights.”

Next week some cities in Canada, France, Holland and Switzerland also protest for equal rights between men and women.

For next year, August 26, 2012, this organization aims to make a single mobilization in Washington with participants from several U.S. cities.

The goal, according to his spokesmen, is the same: ask the U.S. authorities that both men and women to display their breasts in public.

Miami Beach