Free Blog Template Design Basics

20 August 2010

Nothing else can effectively perk up a boring website than a beautiful template. First-time bloggers find it convenient to download free blog templates, which generally contain preset designs. But for those experienced techies, the blogging experience goes beyond regularly publishing post—it also gives them an invaluable method of conveying their message. For this reason, many are now trying their hands on designing their own templates to add personality and character to their web space.

Improving the Navigation

In case you are ready to jump from free blog templates to personally designed templates, the first important factor you must realize is that templates always go beyond the visual appeal. This is the common mistake many bloggers make. They seem to be contented in making their blogs look good (which is always a good thing) but forget to incorporate functionality. The visual appeal of your blog is only one element of the design of your entire blog.

Navigation is another important element of any website. This is the system your visitors use to access the contents of your site. Owning a good navigational system can make a big difference when it comes to functionality and reducing clutter.

The navigation system also goes beyond the main page of your site. It should also affect the inner labyrinths of the website—links, images, photos, articles, etc. Any good system would allow visitors to easily access old archives of your website. One way to improve this is by leaving “breadcrumbs”, which are markers that tell the visitors exactly where they are in the website. Breadcrumbs are relatively newer methods for easy-access.

Other helpful improvements are tags and categories. Categorizing your web content is similar to filing multiple documents in a specific filing cabinet. This helps other people know exactly where to find what they are looking for. Most free blog templates incorporate these elements but you can also include them in your own designs.

Color Scheme

Basically, most people make the color the basis for the free blog template selection. When designing your own theme, make sure to incorporate colors that work well with the message of your blog. Also, when choosing colors for specific parts of the blog, pick hues that have varying contrast. For instance, make your background in black or red to emphasize the lighter colors in your foreground. This type of scheme makes the blog easy on the eyes.

Mark Michael Ferrer
Free Blog Templates